We at House of Steel are here to lead clients to healthier and more fulfilling lives with informed personal training, well-developed group fitness classes, a fully functional gym, and research-based nutrition counseling. We strive to deliver the best possible health and wellness solutions to our clients through engaging, challenging, appropriate and effective programs. We feel it is our duty to encourage and challenge each client to reach his/her highest level of sustainable health and fitness possible in a safe and supportive atmosphere. 

          House of SteeL Fitness Factility opened its doors in January 2017. The owner, Lori Rosensteel, wanted to provide a locally owned place where people could go to feel a part of one another's journeys. . . a place where clients can receive support from one another in the battle for a healthier life. 

       Rosensteel specially chose her staff based on who she believed clients could relate to. Most all of the House of Steel team were once clients.They each have a spark that sets them apart. Each has their own unique story and those stories contribute to who they are as people. House of SteeL's best asset is its people. They know struggle, they know battle, and they know what it feels like to be humbled. At the end of the day, its those types of people who inspire us to take action. Anyone can maintain success or fortunate circumstances, or even good genetics. . . but it takes a special person to define themselves through struggle. We resonate with self-built people. Together we are a force of positive change. We invite ALL people into our "house". Welcome.

      Our vision is to be a fitness center unparalled in offerings of innovative, effective and research-driven practices leading to measurable and transformative changes among all clients that we serve.

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