Carrie Raffle is a NASM certified personal trainer.  She was a standout high school basketball player and a college cheerleader.   Being active has always been a central part of her life...especially, now, as the mom of an active 3 year old. Carrie has trained under our master trainer, Lori, for many years for everything from weightlifting to marathon training.  She is now super excited to venture out on her own to help others on the journey that she herself has navigated. She recently completed her certification with AFAA and is ready to embark on a career in fitness.  

    Carrie is taking on one-on-one clients by appointment. Give her a call for a free consultation to get your journey started.

Lori is our master trainer at the House of Steel.  She is an AFAA certified Personal Trainer and a ISSA certified sports nutritionist.  She also carries group instruction certifications in Pound®, INSANITY® Live, Core de Force® Live, sKorch Kettlebell, Steel HIIT, Hard Core, Ballerobica Barre & Turbo Kick®.  Lori has trained more than 400 individuals in her career as a personal trainer and hopes to watch that number grow in the years to come.  She's driven, passionate and thorough.  Unlike a lot of trainers, she's been overweight and knows your struggle personally.  She is prepared to empower you to change your life.  Come see Lori at the GRIT, Pound®, sKorch, Hard Core, Steel HIIT and INSANITY® Live classes.  She's bound and determined to light your fire for a healthier life.


Jennifer Hall teaches restorative yoga and classes Pilates at the House of Steel. Jennifer discovered yoga several years ago when she was looking for a gentle way to loose some weight. Jennifer quickly fell in love with the practice, and how it made her feel. Soon, a passion for the practice  took root and she decided that she wanted to share the gift of restorative yoga with others. As she pursued her yoga training, she knew she had found her path in life.

  Terry Ross has a bachelor's degree in Health and Physical Education from Slippery Rock University. Terry specializes in weight training and sports performance at House of SteeL. Terry enjoys participating and coaching in team based athletics. Throughout Terry's career, he has coached several sports including volleyball, football, basketball and baseball. Terry enjoys working with all ages and abilities.  Schedule a session with Terry today!


     Nikki Sigwalt is no stranger to fitness. She has been through Army bootcamp, run several half-marathons and participated in endless strength training classes. She will definitely give you a run for your money. Come see Nikki when she teaches PTFLex and GRIT. You are guaranteed a great work out.


    Christa Wormack has always been interested in fitness. She believes that exercise should not only be effective but fun too!  Her VIBE class at House of Steel combines great music with easy choreography to create one amazing sweat session. Her class is great for beginners and advanced dancers alike. 



   Carla Hackett became a licensed Zumba Instructor in 2018.Carla's fun-loving personality permeates every class that she teaches. Her Zumba class is so upbeat and fun, that you hardly realize an hour has passed!  Come check out her Zumba class on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7PM!



Shirley Ross is an AFAA certified personal trainer. She will be leading House of SteeL's Silver Sneakers program, Core De Force, Cardio Kickboxing and she will also be working one-on-one with personal training clients by appointment. Shirley is a powerhouse in a small package.  Her energy and zest for fitness are intoxicating. Shirley's most recent fitness accomplishments are the Erie Half Marathon and the Pittsburgh Tough Mudder. Her love of fitness is a driving force in everything she does. Come see her for a fitness evaluation only at the House of SteeL.



CONNELLSVILLE, PA                 


Help us welcome our newest team member, Heather Reed! Heather is completing her AFAA Personal Training Certification under House of Steel guidance.  We see amazing things in her future. Heather is married and a busy mom of two toddlers. She is a huge horror addict with a passion for chocolate and fitness. She loves fashion and all things outdoors. She is excited to be apart of the house of steel team and build bonds with all of you!